What we do

The OTM Action Group represents over 50 separate independent agents in their legal dispute with Agents’ Mutual. The Action Group is open to Gold and Silver members.

The Action Group is pursuing Agents’ Mutual over claims made before, and during, the time that the group members joined Agents’ Mutual in which they were promised that their memberships would always be cheaper than those firms who joined up later, in return for agreeing to five-year contracts. In the event, Agents’ Mutual offered £50 subscriptions to late-joiners, thereby giving rise to a misrepresentation claim.

To date, Agents’ Mutual have failed to engage with our members, including refusing to mediate with our representative Steering Committee.

The Action Group remains open to new members and works on an equality-of-arms principle – each member pays a pro-rata contribution based on their size. Unlike Agents’ Mutual, as seen in their proposed IPO, the Action Group stays true to these principles.

Contact us now if you’d like to join the Action Group.